Valasia Εstate


The best choice for the most beautiful day of my life!

The starting point in a person’s new life is deeply rooted in the Greek tradition. Valasia estate offers you the most suitable venue, which will highlight this special day and add glamour to it.

The minimal luxury and sophisticated style are uniquely combined in an elegant, verdant venue, at the heart of the Attican land, where you can welcome your loved ones and share with them the most special moments of your life in a unique way. Valasia estate, surrounded by the classic simplicity of the Attican scenery, is ready to host your wedding or the baptism of your child.

Valasia estate, located in Koropi, at the heart of the Attican land, includes an olive tree grove within an area of 5 acres. The breezy outdoor space is nestled among beautiful lush gardens, while a small alley that appears leads you to the chapel of your dreams!

Here, people come together to celebrate the union of couples and children’s baptisms, while hearts are filled with joy and emotion. Come along…