Welcome to Valasia estate



The starting point in a person’s new life is deeply rooted in the Greek tradition. Valasia estate offers you the most suitable venue, which will highlight this special day and add glamour to it.

The minimal luxury and sophisticated style are uniquely combined in an elegant, verdant venue, at the heart of the Attican land, where you can welcome your loved ones and share with them the most special moments of your life in a unique way. Valasia estate, surrounded by the classic simplicity of the Attican scenery, is ready to host your wedding or the baptism of your child.

Valasia estate, located in Koropi, at the heart of the Attican land, includes an olive tree grove within an area of 5 acres. The breezy outdoor space is nestled among beautiful lush gardens, while a small alley that appears leads you to the chapel of your dreams! Here, people come together to celebrate the union of couples and children’s baptisms, while hearts are filled with joy and emotion. Come along…

Valasia estate venue was thoroughly designed to meet your needs. The name Valasia, meaning ruby, fully complies with the philosophy of our venue, a venue of joy, a venue of happiness and harmonious connection of generations. Located in Rodokia, near the namesake ancient well, maintains a constant connection between the old and timeless and the new.

Skilled architects, under the supervision of Nicholas Kaloupaklis, have designed our venue maintaining certain characteristics that illustrate its traditional character.
Valasia estate is fully equipped with utility and storage facilities for the needs of catering services, a swimming pool, a bar, as well as spacious parking for the vehicles of your guests.

The chapel

At Valasia estate we make sure that the most important moments of your life stand out for their elegant and refined style. We understand how important it is to choose the right church for the ceremony of your wedding or the baptism of your children. This is why we provide you with the beautiful Byzantine church of St. John for the rituals.
The simplicity of the Aegean style with the predominant austere lines and the timeless white color in a harmonious coexistence with the lush countryside, are uniquely combined and embellish our venue in the most elegant way.
Decorated according to your preference, the church of St. John is the ideal place that will host the mystery of your wedding or baptism in a unique way. In the background, the beautiful location is surrounded by the imposing mountainous landscape, where Hymettus and Penteli Mountains dominate. Moreover, the Byzantine church of Prophet Elias is located nearby.


External spaces

Valasia estate offers a venue of 1,240 sq.m. Our mission is to satisfy all your needs and assist you in organizing an exceptional wedding or baptism.

Laying amidst lush olive trees within an area of 5 acres, at the historic Rodokia area with the namesake well that exists until today, our estate offers various amenities: a swimming pool, a chapel, lighting, paved surfaces, a bar, utility rooms, access ramps for guests with disabilities, indoor storage facilities, etc.